Whatever you wish for …!


A special workshop for women, who want to fulfil exciting wishes for the new year ahead of us, is arriving at New York!


If everything you wish for was possible, what would you have wished for yourself?


In the hectic everyday routine, we hardly stop for a moment in order to ask for the things we really want.


Sometimes it appears as if there is no point in doing so,

Sometime we simply do not find the time,

And sometime we do not know what to wish for …


Do you really allow yourself to ask?


A charming female encounter that focus on the fulfilment of our wishes for the wonderful year ahead of us.


We shall break free of the doubts, the fears and the scepticism, and reach a place where everything is allowed and you only need to ask …


This encounter will make use of awareness technics, personal guide, insight cards, intuitive writing, guided-imagery meditation, powerful group energetic balance.


Come and ask whatever you wish for,

Because this year you are about to fulfil it all!

Whatever you wish for …

Let it be!


The instructor:

Gali Leshem guides people in processes of self fulfilment, career moves, formation of self image, and boosting self confidence.

She is the inventor of the “Just a Moment” cards – inspirational cards for guidance and dynamics.


The workshop will take place in New York during October 2016.


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